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Your ultimate "Antisupressant" to help you get out all that anger so you don't cut a bitch and land your ass in jail.

How this Journal Works

  • Write It

    Put down your knife and pick up the pencil. Vent with no filter, no judgement... Get... It... OUT!

  • Smite It

    Seal that emotional dump with a kiss and tear that page(s) out. Then, high five yourself for handling your shit like a grown-ass adult.

  • Ignite It

    Find a pyro-sponsible place, and send those feelings up in flames whilst singing "Let it Go" like that one girl, Elsa.


When is my fucking journal(s) getting here? I got issues...

We are now past the launch phase! That's what's up. So, likely, you will receive your journal within 3-5 business days from placing your order. Please allow us 24 hours to process your order and get it in the mail! 

I fucked up. I need to cancel my order. What do I do?

We don't know why the fuck you would do that... but whatever...we got you. If you have to, contact us via email at with "Cancel my fucking order" in the subject line. 

I know a lot of angry people. Can I buy multiple journals?

Fuck yes! The more the merrier.  You even get a deal when you buy more than one and share this "antisupressant" with your friends. Plus you get free shipping when you buy at least three. So. Yeah.

Do you ship internationally?

Hell yes!  It's going to cost a more (obviously), but yes we do. 

Will I receive a PDF version of my Fuck You Journal?

Ummm no.  You can't light a PDF on fire soooo... not gonna work.